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What We Do

About Northland Prairie Care

Functional Medicine & Holistic Health Care Clinic

Northland Prairie Care is a Functional Medicine and Holistic Care clinic focused on individualized and personal root cause healthcare. Each patient is unique in health, genetics, and life experience and we understand this. There is no one perfect way to live and as such there is no one perfect healthcare answer for your concerns.

We strive to provide the right answer for the right person at the right time.

Our Services


TeleHealth visits are an option for some patients after we have had an initial in-person new patient visit and the ability to do a physical exam. Sometimes the distance or weather do not cooperate and it is important we keep in touch! Let's do what is right for you.

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Payment Options

It may be concerning that we do not submit to insurance but don't worry. We accept cash, check, and credit. If you are part of a wellness program that is pre-tax, we may be able to accept that as payment as well. No matter what your payment options may be, we can work out a plan that suits your specific needs.

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